To ease the burden of the continued lockdowns and the likelihood of Melbourne children spending the September school holidays at home I am offering all my tutorials for FREE.  These were filmed this time last year so art kits are no longer available.  However most materials can be sourced easily. Materials required are listed in the tutorial description.


Choose the tutorial you want on "Weteachme" and a tutorial link will be sent to you.  You can do the tutorial at anytime. The time taken varies greatly between children.  Most tutorials are 30 - 60 minutes long yet it may take up to 1.5 hrs to complete the artwork.

There are 12 tutorials available - you may need to scroll using the small side bar to the right of them to see them all.

Make sure you scroll down using the sliding bar to the right to see all 12 tutorials.

I also have a few other tutorials available on my youtube channel.  See below.