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Sunnyside Art Class offers art classes for children of primary school age.  Classes use a wide variety of materials and teach the children about different techniques.  Children also learn about famous artists or artists of interest.  It's never boring at Sunnyside Art House... projects are often a bit different and process orientated.  Fiona loves to instill a sense of happiness in the studio, where children are not afraid to try new things and there is lots of laughter and fun.  Every one can succeed at Sunnyside Art House.


The studio is still closed due to COVID and will not be reopening for children's art classes in 2021. 


Looking for something to entertain your children over the school holidays?  Look no further than a holiday workshop at Sunnyside Art House.  Holiday workshops are run each school holidays and are for children aged 4-12years. 

Sorry Children's school holiday workshops will not be held in the summer of 2021.



We also offer pop up workshops, ladies nights and mother / daughter nights.  These are often held on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and have different themes. 

None scheduled yet however subscribe to my site and I'll let you know when they are happening in 2021.

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Create.  Inspire.  Believe.  Happiness


Hi there, I'm Fiona and I run this cute little art studio called Sunnyside Art House.  What's with the name?  Well we live in Sunnyside Grove and our house is about as arty as you can get.  There is is art literally everywhere as well as all over the garden. I like to think of myself as a maker as I'm always making something.  I just love to experiment and whenever I see a new technique or idea I just have to try it straight away.  I'm so passionate about art and creativity that I can't sit still or stop talking about it, yes it drives my family crazy.  However, where there is passion there is success and Sunnyside Art House, founded in 2012 in our back garden garage with 8 students, now has over 70 students a week and can see up to 100 students each holidays. 

I'm passionate about providing a unique, fun, relaxed environment where children and adults can enjoy creating art. The garage has been converted to a beautiful sunny studio with glass doors opening to a garden setting.  I often use the garden to create in as well. 


Walking distance from Bentleigh West Primary school with free pick up included (if required) the after school art classes are extremely popular  .  Children are always supplied a snack and the chance to burn off energy in the garden either prior, during or at the end of class (depending on class time).  It's like going to an art party every week! 


I teach process driven classes, so don't expect lots of technical drawing in these classes.  There is a large emphasis on having a fun time creating, experimenting and trying new things.  It's important to me that you enjoy the process of creating art as much as the end product.  Many different techniques and ideas are used.  If I'm experimenting with a new idea my classes often come along for the ride.  Artists (not only famous, yet local and up and coming) are often used as inspiration, their stories, their techniques and artworks.  Each term we usually do pottery (including the wheel), sculpture, painting, drawing, textiles, and sometimes things like mosaics.  There is always lots of variety.

I look forward to meeting you or your child in a class or workshop sometime soon.

I produce and sell my own artworks as well and these can be found over at Fiona Wood Art.

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