All classes in Term 3 will be held by ZOOM.


Term 3 has already started yet you can book individual classes casually.  Classes run on Wednesdays at 4.30pm.   All classes are $20.  Siblings can join for free.  You will need to supply your own materials as material packs have already been sent out (with the exception of Clay Packs available for Clay Chameleons). The list of materials required for each last is listed in the class description.  These have been kept simple and Fiona is happy to offer alternatives if you can't source what is listed.  Just feel free to work with what you have at home. 

All children work at different paces whilst doing art.  Classes are scheduled for 1.5 hours however some children may work at a faster pace and finish earlier.   They can either stay on the call and do other work or leave.  Some children may not be able to finish their artworks in this time and may continue after the lesson.

Class schedule:

15th July - Michelle Fleur Watercolour Whales

22nd July - Tracey Kelly Cockatoos

29th July - Beatriz Milhazes inspired artworks

5th August - Pete Cromer Australian Animals

12th August - Jen Stark Inspired Artworks

19th August - Mia Charro Animals with Flower crowns

26th August - Clay Chameleons

2nd September - Laura Blythman inspired artworks

* Bonus Lesson Greta Laundy landscapes + patterned paper sent out for anyone who enrols for 4 or more classes.

A description for each class is listed below the booking links.  To book casual classes you go into the Term 3 classes link, then click see dates and then choose the date and class you wish to book for.

Wednesday 29th July 4.30pm


Children will be introduced to the vibrant, layered, kaleidoscopic artworks of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhaze.

Materials required: White paper, pack of textas, ruler, pencil, eraser.

You will need to collect an assortment of bowls, cups and round objects from around your house to trace.


betriz milhaze.jpg
beatrix milhaze 2.jpg

Monday 5th August 2020 4.30pm


In this workshop children will learn about Australian Artist Pete Cromer.  They will then produce an artwork of a Kookaburra or Echidna inspired by his artworks.  Children will use different papers to produce their artwork.

Materials required - Large coloured paper for background, smaller coloured paper for animal, scraps of patterned paper for details, glue stick, scissors

* Comes with bonus tutorial how to make your own patterned paper*


Tuesday 12th August 2020, 4.30pm


In this workshop children will learn about American artist Jen Stark and her amazing psychedelic artworks made out of paper, wood, metal and paint. Children will create paper artworks inspired by her work.  Children will also produce some artworks with texta that represent her work.

Materials required:  Coloured paper, glue stick, pack of textas, scissors, white paper A3



Wednesday 19th August, 4.30pm


Children will learn about Spanish artist Mia Charro and the amazing animals she draws with flower crowns.  

Materials required: Coloured Paper A3, White A3 Paper, Pack of washable markers, Patterned paper, glue stick, pencil and eraser, scissors, water pot and paint brush (optional).  Pencils or paint can also be used if you want.

* Comes with bonus tutorial how to make your own patterned paper*

Mia Charro.jpg

Thursday 26th August 2020, 4.30pm


Learn how to make a cute chameleon out of air dry clay.  You can also paint your chameleon if you wish.  

Materials - Block of clay and clay tools.

clay cameleon.JPG

Friday 2nd September 2020, 4.30pm


Learn about artist Laura Blythman then produce some amazing landscapes in her style.

Materials required:  Lots of patterned paper, Large piece of white paper, glue stick, scissors

* Comes with bonus tutorial how to make your own patterned paper*

MOUNTAINS-FOREVER laura blythman.jpg